AJMHeith's Market Entry solutions are bespoke. Prospect, prepare, implement, sustain in dynamic environments - we work to reduce risk and time-to-market.

Our Offering

Increasing disposable income, institutional development, wealth in natural resources and so on are making Africa a prime investment and new expansion opportunity. Prospective entrants cite among others; infrastructure challenges, unfamiliar operating environments, cultural differences and lack of capacity as reasons to delay entry.


AJMHeith has created a collaborative, highly engaging platform to facilitate our clients' activities. We have built an exclusive network of stakeholders to enable us to deliver convenient, adaptable and scalable solutions to

our client's most challenging demands. We help our clients develop and optimise market entry strategy, identify relevant product & service portfolios, and establish effective channels to get-to-market in a timely, cost-effective

and operationally efficient approach.


Our key propositions that underlie this capability are:


Sourcing & Partner Identification - Identify relevant local partners (suppliers, distributors, etc.) carefully evaluating fit to client requirements.


Market Research - Competitor analysis, identify sales & marketing channels, assess micro and macro-economic influences, assess growth potential.


Recruitment Solutions - Secure the best teams within the framework of defined strategy.


Sales Representation - Agency services, licencing and other point-of-presence solutions to provide low-risk proof-of-concept and proof-of-market opportunities.


Mergers & Acquisition - Facilitate identification, approach, negotiation and eventual M & A transactions.


Product design & innovation - Work with clients to adopt, develop or otherwise repackage offerings to fit identified markets.


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