Our team brings innovation, collaboration, transparency and passion to every assignment.

The AJMHeith Story

AJMHeith was established in March 2010 to provide superior market entry and business development solutions to the world's fastest growing organisations expanding into Africa.


We develop market entry and product strategy, facilitate partnerships, and undertake other activities that enable our clients setup in a timely, low-risk, well structured process.


Our team has developed close decision-maker contacts in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, etc. across among others, IT & Telecommunications, Banking & Financial Services, Government & Public Sector and Consumer Goods.


AJMHeith's key people are experienced business professionals with backgrounds in IT, Telecommunications, Professional Services, Banking & Finance, Real Estate and many more sectors forming a uniquely entrepreneurial organisation that identifies with the needs of its clients.


We have built a vibrant ecosystem of partners and facilitators with whom we work to deliver maximum quality of service, convenience, and innovation for our clients.


AJMHeith is incorporated in London, England, Company Number 7181156.



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